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Do You Need a Videographer For Your Wedding?

20 May 2015


When planning for your wedding, it can be really difficult to decide where the line is drawn between your dream day and your real budget. As you look around at the endless creative and exciting choices, how do you decide which ones you truly need? And how do you know which bits you can achieve through a spot of DIY or calling in a cheeky favour from a friend?

One of the most commonly cut options is a professional wedding video – but there are many reasons why this decision is also one of the most commonly regretted. While it might seem like advances in cameraphones, compact cameras and tablets have provided you with a guest list full of potential videographers, the honest truth is that just like your wedding photos, your wedding video is best left in the hands of a professional. We spoke to Sam at Aftermath Films to find out why:

Quality. A guest with a cameraphone just isn’t going to match the quality of a professional camera rig. By hiring in a videographer you know that they will provide equipment suitable for the job, to get crisp (and stable!) visuals, as well as high quality audio. Even if your uncle/friend/bridesmaid just bought a fancy new DSLR, do they have the necessary shoulder rig to go with it? More importantly, do they have the videography experience to get the best out of that camera?


Don’t forget – your guests are your guests! It’s easy to underestimate how detached a camera operator can become from the events they are filming, while they are fully focused on framing up the perfect shot. Your friends and family are there to enjoy and experience your wedding day, not spend it staring down the lens of a camera. Also, no matter how much your guests may like their video cameras, at some point they are probably going to stop filming, and by asking for this favour on your wedding day you’ll be taking a gamble about what gets missed.


The power of experienced editing. The value of professional video editing software (and more  importantly, the experienced professional using it) cannot be emphasised enough. The processes applied to video footage by a professional videographer will really make your day shine, and can add additional layers of colour or effect to complement the overall style of the video.

Control over style. Having a commissioned videographer along for the job will allow you to choose a creative direction for your finished video. Your videographer will work to provide you with a video to suit your personal preference, throughout both the filming and editing process. This ensures a finished product that is tailored to your special day.

So if you’ve read all the points above, and are feeling that while you’d love to look into professional videographers, you’re still unconvinced about their place on your list of priorities – consider this last (and most important) point.


Memories. Whether you watch it days or years later, video has an incredible ability to provide you with very strong emotional memories. There is something unique about watching an entire moment captured on camera, and video is fantastic in its ability to convey the personality of its subjects. This is why it’s the perfect way to show those who were not able to be there (or maybe are not even born yet) the emotion of your wedding day, and the personalities of those who attended it.


So when you’re choosing your photographer, it’s always worth thinking about booking a videographer too, so that your professionally filmed wedding video will allow you to completely lose yourself in the sights and sounds of your special day.

If you would be interested in booking a videographer as well as a photographer, please feel free to contact Charlie Tyjas at Bristol Contemporary Photography, or Sam Osman at Aftermath Films and we’d love to have a talk about what we can offer you!



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