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Guide to a Child Friendly Wedding

03 Dec 2014

Although most adults loves a good wedding, for children it can be a very long day without games or being able to run around and play loudly. So here are some of the top ideas I’ve seen at weddings to keep the kids entertained throughout the day!


  1. Bouncy Castles


One great way to keep kids happy is a bouncy castle. It’s a place for all the children to gather where they can be noisy and excitable and no one minds. It also makes for fantastic pictures and one of my favourite for getting them altogether without them getting bored and running off!


  1. Bubbles


Sometimes the simple things are best, and bubbles are one of the greatest things to have on the table during dinner. From babies to teenagers, from 18 months to 80, they keep everyone entertained!


  1. Dressing up box


This one is great for small children or slightly drunk adults and is great for funny, silly photos. All you need is a wig or two and some funny glasses and you’re good to go!


  1. Lawn Games


If you’re having a summer wedding and expecting lovely weather, lawn games are a great way to get the kids outside and occupied with something safe and fun. Just beware in case the children get pushed aside by the adults – sometime a game of giant Jenga is too much fun to resist!


  1. Entertainers


If you fancy splashing out a bit, entertainers such as magicians or a Punch and Judy stand are fab as the parents can have a bit of a relax and not worry about supervision for a couple of hours. Especially great if you have large groups of children coming!


















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