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The Top 6 Things a Man Wants at his Wedding

07 Apr 2015

I’ve been to countless weddings and seen many happy couples ‘tie the knot’. Part of the joy of being a wedding photographer is being able to witness and share in the happiest days of people’s lives.

I’ve come to notice that it is an event which is obsessed over by the bride (and indeed my own wedding has been meticulously planned since I was 12 years old!)

However I want to get a man’s perspective on things and find out what it is that the groom looks for at his wedding. I asked three young men, Jonny (22), Dan (23) and Sam (24), to give me the top 6 things they want at their weddings.

1) The Suit

The suit is important to any wedding. Here's a photo of the boys in their suits at a recent wedding in Bristol.

J: Most importantly I want to look cool, sharp and sophisticated. Basically I’ll be James Bond for a day.

S: James Bond and Bruce Wayne

J: Yeah! With a mix of Don Draper as well. What I’m saying is that a classy suit is an absolute necessity.

D: Whilst the cool gadgets are optional!

2) The Location

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D: The location is very important to me. It has to mean something special to the couple.

S: Agreed. Also it has to look incredible.

J: We’re talking castles, beaches, ruined abbeys.

S: Yes. Something with lots of history and impact.

3) The Ride

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S: I’d love a classic car for us to drive away in at the end. Something timeless and classy.

J: Or a horse drawn carriage. I think that would be a nice touch.

4) The Music

The soundtrack is key to any wedding in Bristol and beyond!

D: I’m planning to DJ at my own wedding for a bit. Though it’ll be less ‘school-disco’ and more ‘warehouse rave’.

J: Haha how well will that go down with your in-laws?

D:  I reckon they’ll have gone to bed by then.

5) The Reception

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S: The party has to be great. It’ll be one of the happiest days of my life and I want all my friends and family to share in that.

D: Absolutely. I don’t mean anyone should be passing out but I want a good time to be had by all.

6) True Love

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J: Ultimately, and I think we’re agreed on this, is that all we really want is to see our true love having the best time. The car, the party, the location – all of it doesn’t matter, so long as I know that my future wife is happy.

D: Absolutely.

S: Yes. 100%. Even if we had to get the bus home.

So there you have it!

True love really does conquer all.

All photos taken by me, Charlie.

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