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Wedding Supplier Focus: Emma Dee // Seamstress and Wedding Dressmaker

16 Jun 2020

As part of my independent Bristol  wedding supplier focus, I spoke to Emma Dee about her work as a seamstress and dressmaker. I’ve worked with Emma on a bridal shoot before and just fell in love with her designs, in particular her gorgeously unique two piece wedding dresses! 

Photo: Bristol Contemporary Photography   

Tell me a bit about yourself and how you got into the wedding industry

My name is Emma and I am a Bristol based seamstress. I’ve been sewing since a young age inspired by my grandmother who was also a seamstress. This led me to study fashion atelier at university. Once I graduated I worked in London with some amazing companies making bridal wear. To be honest I just fell into the wedding industry. I’ve always loved hand sewing so I was naturally given the dresses with lace or beading so when we moved to Bristol and I started my own business I followed my passion to keep making high end and bespoke clothing in the wedding industry.

Photo: Sophie Careful

What products/services do you offer couples getting married?

Mostly I make bespoke bridal outfits. From wedding and bridesmaid dresses to mother of the bride/groom. I also offer alterations and of course not everything has to be wedding related.

What has been your most interesting creative challenge?

I would have to say that It’s running and setting up my own business. Like I’m sure with most self employed people you have to wear a lot of hats and I’m always learning something new.

Photo: Blue Sky Photography

What are you most proud of?

All the dresses I’ve made. When I first started as a seamstress I never imagined that I would be lucky enough to help so many people have their perfect and unique outfit. It also makes me incredibly proud to see photos of my happy clients on their special day.

Photo: Yasmina Nadine

What advice do you have for couple currently planning their weddings?

Take your time to look around and really talk to various suppliers. I think if you’re able to find someone that you get on with well it will make the process even more amazing and you can both achieve something great.

Check out Emma and her wonderful wedding dresses here. Follow her on Instagram here or on Facebook here.

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